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Studio Size Posey Pillow ~ 4 bags , 3.5 cubic feet or 100 litter size any type beanbag fill. (Will only fit 3 and half of those bags)

Travel Size Posey Pillow ~ 2 bags , 3.5 cubic feet or 100 litter size any type beanbag fill.

Squishy PoserApprox. 1 cubic foot or 27 liters of any type bean bag fill, we recommend topping off the fill with polly fill (regular pillow batting) to make a nice rounded shape.

Set of 5 Posey Positioners ~ 15 lbs regular rice, or beanbag fill and pillow batting mix for a lighter fill. (positioners work great in the bottom of baskets and other props as added weight when filled with rice. Also great for holding backdrop stands in place.

Square Table Top Poser - Requires approx 4 cubic feet or 125 liters of bean bag fill

Rectangulum Poser - Requires approx 4 bags of 3.5 cubic feet size or 400 liters of bean bag fill

Doughnut Poser - Requires approx 24 oz Polly Fill (regular pillow batting) Can be purchased at most fabric stores or Walmart type stores for around $5.00




Filling your Posey Pillow ~ FOUR HANDS WORK BETTER THEN TWO!!

  • Cut a small hole in middle of bag of beanbag fill ~~ NOT YOUR POSEY PILLOW
  • Tape a tube approx 6" - 9" diameter into the hole (tape it good so no fill can get past the tube)
  • Cut a small hole in the top of the bag of fill (so as not to create a vacuum)
  • Put other end into the Posey Pillow opening, have one person hold the Posey while the other holds up the fill and shake it on in!
  • Complete these steps for all bags of fill until full
  • May need to seal up the Posey squish down and put more in if not filled to desired firmness

Photo Tutorial Credit to Maxine Evans Photography -

(This tutorial is made using another companies beanbag. This is NOT our poser in the picture)

Click link for detailed instructions from Katie on how to fill your Posey Pillow. (this tutorial is made using our studio Posey Pillow)

Walmart, Meijer, Kmart, Bed Bath & Beyond are all great places to get your beanbag fill


The bags are very large. It looks like more then you need when you pick up 4 of these bags to fill your studio or your rectangulum but YES you do need all 4 bags to get them very full.