Posey Pillow

CLEARANCE Posey Pillow ~ Studio Size Newborn Poser

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Clearance products are blemished or dirty but completely usable.

Posey Pillow ~ Studio Size Newborn Poser

  • Studio size newborn poser
  • 40" Diameter 12" Rise (much higher when filled)
  • Posey Pillow products do NOT come with beanbag fill. Please view our beanbag fill page for more details on how to fill and where to purchase beanbag fill.
  • Made of vinyl with both zipper and velcro closure to guarentee the beanbag fill will stay inside the Posey Pillow
  • Posey Pillow is a puck shaped beanbag photo prop which provides professional photographers with a save, elevated, easy to clean newborn posing surface.

The Posey Pillow is designed and intended for the use of a photo prop. Do NOT leave infant or child unattended at ANY TIME! This product is not intended for use as a common chair, bed or any use outside of a photography prop. Be sure to keep an additional person near the Posey Pillow while newborn is being photographed!

Although this product is made from high quality vinyl it is NOT puncture proof. Please be sure to keep this product away from sharp objects. Sharp objects may damage the Posey Pillow.