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Luxury Faux Shag Fur ~ 11 Color options ~ 4 Size options ~ Newborn photo prop

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Luxury Faux Shag Fur Photo Prop
  • 11 Color choices
  • 4 Size options

    • 2.5" - 3" pile Luxury Shag
    • Excellent for newborn photo shoots, use in baskets, bowls, baby beds or just as is.
    • May shed initially, edges are raw cut. Size is approximate but will be very close.
    • If planning to use in a sewing project, you many need an industrial sewing machine due to product thickness.
    • Hand wash mild detergent, lay flat to dry!! Not recommended to machine wash!!
    • 4 sizes to choose from (price will adjust for size when selected) ~ If you would like a size that is not listed please contact us for pricing information.
  • 4 sizes, 11 colors. This item is intended as a Newborn through adult Photography Prop. This can be sewn into other products.

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