Squishy Poser by Posey Pillow
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Squishy Poser by Posey Pillow

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Squishy Poser by Posey Pillow


The Squishy Poser is great for those belly poses with babies butt in the air and head lifted.
Can be used separate as a wedge to prop babies arms on.

*Adjustable with 3 rows of snaps
*Each piece measures aprox 10 x 10
*Use together or separate as a wedge
*Does NOT come with fill *
*Bean Bag fill is recommended for this Positioner
* Heavy duty resin snaps
* Vinyl may not match the vinyl of your Posey Pillow
* Zipper for fill point on bottom of ea squishy poser

Newborn Photography prop designed by Posey Pillow the newborn poser




The Squishy Poser is designed and intended for the use of a photo prop. Do NOT leave infant or child unattended at ANY TIME! This product is not intended for any use outside of a photography prop. Be sure to keep an additional person near by at all times while posing newborn babies.

Although this product is made from high quality vinyl it is NOT puncture proof. Please be sure to keep this product away from sharp objects. Sharp objects may damage the Posey Pillow.

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